Week 1: Word for the Year

Starts 3 jan and the texts is from the challenge page

Challenge 01: Word for the Year

Choosing a word or theme for your year can help you focus on a specific area of personal growth. For this Challenge, pick a word and then illustrate it with a photo.
When you post your photo, along with camera settings and Critique level, please share the word, why you chose it and how the photo will remind you of your word throughout the coming year.

Struggling to find a word?
Try one of these links:



Challenge 02: Cold

Depending on your hemisphere, the weather for this challenge may be in your favor! Whatever you choose to photograph, convey a feeling of cold (the temperature, an icy stare, the common cold?).




Challenge 03: Blue Hour

Just before the sun rises or after the sun has set, the sky and landscape turn blue for just a few moments. Enjoy these low light conditions and capture an image during blue hour. This is a great time to practice silhouettes!



Challenge 04: Love

Happy Valentine’s day! For this challenge, show us someone or something you love! ❤️

While this challenge may seem simple, I encourage you to think outside the box or use a technique you’ve learned here in the past year to convey the theme.

Challenge 05: Clouds

I am often jealous of how frequently Shelley gets clouds to photograph in Minnesota. Here in the foothills of California, we don’t get dramatic skies very often! When taking photos of clouds, doing so at sunrise or sunset will add to their dimension with dramatic colors. Remember to expose for the highlights in your image to retain detail in the brightest areas! You can also try a long exposure to capture movement in clouds. No clouds in your forecast – take a peek at the video posted below! Post your photo to the album by Sunday March 13th!




Challenge 06: Main Street

We want to see where you live! Show us the main street in your town. Share an architectural feature, a store front, or something unique that grabs your attention. I photographed our town at night with a slow shutter speed to show off our festive twinkle lights and movement of a passing car. Post your image by Sunday 3/27.




Challenge 07: Circles

Challenge 08: Lines

Lines help tell the story in our photographs by leading the viewer to your subject. Read up on some different techniques you can use with lines! Share your image in the album by Sunday 4/24.




Challenge 09: Timeless

Share your image in the album by Sunday 5/8They say that “We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” The point of photography is to freeze a moment in time that we can return to time and time again. So how do we do that in a way that feels timeless? I think one of the main factors is to avoid anything that would be considered trendy from the way the photo is taken to the editing to the contents of the photo. Look for something you can photograph that would look the same if you photographed it many years ago, or in the future.