It took some thinking but it was a very good word to choose (thanks for the theme 😘). To make a long story short is I live on 75% sick pension, have Ehlers Danlos Syndrom and injuries and before I got back to horses I needed a walker/stroller (not sure what’s the right word in English) to get around in the apartment. Had help with the home and couldn’t take care of myself. Now I walk 40min to the stable, have started a completely green horse under saddle and cart and no walker/stroller for years ❤️. Of course the rest of the day and night is in bed but can do so much more then before. The word I chose was CELEBRATE. To celebrate everything I can do instead of the usual angry/frustrated/sad of the things I would like to be able to do, that my body and money put a stop to. This photo was from today after a day before when not much went as it should and dislocated my knee again. We went on a try to track a wolf that yesterday walk beside the pasture. As usually when you have the camera with you all the […]

Week 1: Word for the Year

It was hard to choose the word but it became a good one. CELEBRATION.To celebrate all the things I can do with this crappy body and economy. Instead of the uselly to get mad/sad/frustrated over everything I cant do because of my body and/or economy De va svårt att välja ett ord men de blev ett bra ord. FIRA Dvs fira allt jag klarar av att göra trots defekt kropp och helt usel ekonomi. Istället som man alltid är arg/ledsen/frustrerad över allt jag inte klarar pga kropp och/eller ekonomi