It took some thinking but it was a very good word to choose (thanks for the theme 😘).
To make a long story short is I live on 75% sick pension, have Ehlers Danlos Syndrom and injuries and before I got back to horses I needed a walker/stroller (not sure what’s the right word in English) to get around in the apartment. Had help with the home and couldn’t take care of myself.

Now I walk 40min to the stable, have started a completely green horse under saddle and cart and no walker/stroller for years ❤️. Of course the rest of the day and night is in bed but can do so much more then before.

The word I chose was CELEBRATE. To celebrate everything I can do instead of the usual angry/frustrated/sad of the things I would like to be able to do, that my body and money put a stop to.

This photo was from today after a day before when not much went as it should and dislocated my knee again.

We went on a try to track a wolf that yesterday walk beside the pasture. As usually when you have the camera with you all the animals is completely gone 🤣. Not even a small bird 🤣.

We saw a lot of tracks from every animal there is around here except a wolf 🙄. Last time without a camera we saw lynx, elk, moose and fox 🙈

Canon 750d, kitlens 18-55mm 3.5-5.6
Iso 3200

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