Nu har den här veckans tema släppts och de är en chans att göra om de vi gjorde på veckoutmaningen.

Har inte bestämt mig för vilken utan få se vad de blir.


Challenge 01: Do-Over
This week, you get a do-over using one of the themes from the 7 Day Challenge. If you’re new here, then you get to pick a challenge and execute it!
Here were the Challenge themes and the tip emails that accompanied them:
Black and White
Close up
Far Away
Shadow or silhouette
Window Light
Through an Object
Guidelines for Posting:
You must take new photos for the challenge. No sharing of old work!
Share only ONE photo. If you want to share related photos or behind the scenes images, use the comments under your photo.
Post your photo in the album, not in the general feed. Photos posted in the general feed will be deleted. Here’s a link to the Albums page for this group:
Photos can be of any subject. Only G-rated photos, please.
Photos must be posted within one week of the theme announcement
Share some details about the photo ie. camera settings, things you learned, what you like about it, etc. Please don’t leave the description blank.
Include your Critique level 0-3 (see Announcements for details).
Be a good community member by commenting on at least 3 other photos.
ps. If you share your photo on social media, use the tag #riseupphotochallenge!

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